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A growth mindset is fostered through networking. Being around people invested in growing their businesses has a knock-on effect. Network Lead Exchange brings together entrepreneurs who value this type of mindset.

The Future of Networking.

Network Lead Exchange is a business networking and referral group, organized by Chapters, with the intent of promoting new business referrals across the Network to other businesses within their respective Chapter. Members earn commissions for the referrals they send and gain access to a new source of leads from businesses they know and trust.


Chapters are sold as franchises. Franchise owners can invite other businesses in their area to join their Chapter with one participating business per industry (based on product or service designators).

Once a new member joins under a specific industry, no other businesses that sell the same product or offer the same service can join that specific local Chapter. Each business that joins will set up a profile that details their business industry, products and services offered, promotions, and more.

Members will have the opportunity to network with one another and will be able to track referrals sent and received, as well as sales generated. Through the platform, members will exchange ideas, share promotions and events, learn from pros, and access a network of service providers that provide specific incentives to all members across Network Lead Exchange.

Why Own a Network Lead Exchange?

Network Lead Exchange helps brands grow its reach through the creation of strong relationships with other business owners in their area.


Connect with other business owners near you.


Work closely with businesses in your network to create new relationships and grow your customer base.


New lead opportunities will come from people you trust that know the types of customers that have a need for your products or services.


Find out about new products/services, events, promotions and more from businesses in your area and share news about your business as well.


Members of each local Chapter will be vetted to ensure the leads you receive are from a quality business owner.


Not only do members benefit from building their customer base, but can benefit by earning commissions when passing leads to support those in your network.

Benefits for your members

Members will prove to be invaluable to your business.


Create a personalized profile with owner information as well as all relevant details about the business to help others searching on the exchange understand the business’s products and services offered.


Through the exchanges messaging and discussion features you can share ideas, ask questions, and get advice and recommendations from other Members.


Whether for networking and referrals, sharing promotions and events, or hiring employees, Member businesses can connect with others in their community to achieve these goals.


Build partnerships with businesses based on industry, location, target audience, and more. Over time, these trusted partners will be go-to businesses and referrals sent and received will grow exponentially.


Not only do members benefit from building their customer base, but can benefit by earning commissions when passing leads to support those in your network.

The Network Lead Exchange Platform

The Network Lead Exchange platform is the one-stop solution for all networking leads.

This is where business people are able to find their contacts and then get in touch quickly with just a quick swipe or tap. Having everything in one place—and with it backed up by cloud storage—means no matter where you go, you have everything you need.


Owning a Network Lead Exchange chapter not only helps networking become more efficient, but it is rewarding as well.

There will be leads coming to all connection points because everyone on the network sees the value of referrals. Thanks to the commission and to the hard work of networking, a business network will become a great sales funnel and an empowering business to own.

When it comes to managing a large network efficiently, the wise people in business are found in one place, and that is Network Lead Exchange.

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Single, multi-unit, area developer opportunities available throughout New Zealand and Australia.
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