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Don’t wait to join the building revolution. Introducing Workdek.

About Us

Workdek is changing the game for builders - Workdek is a revolutionary modular platform system developed by builders, for builders that eliminates the risk of falls and repetitive strain injuries whilst simultaneously reducing build time and improving builder productivity. The Workdek system provides a continuous flat surface and rock-solid footing at any height using clever, lightweight injection moulded plastic deck panels and components.

Why Franchise with Workdek?

Buying a Workdek Franchise means investing in an innovative product and business system targeted at one of the country’s busiest industries with the twin benefit of improving both productivity and safety. Designed by builders for builders, Workdek is a game changer for the building and construction industry.

Existing providers to the building sector now have the opportunity to add Workdek as an additional revenue stream to their existing product mix whether it be scaffolding, fencing, safety netting or portable toilets or new entrants to the market can enter with the confidence of having the support of a nationwide brand and business system behind them.

Training & Support

Workdek provides the following for Franchisees:
  • National brand marketing
  • Call centre management
  • Database and CRM management
  • Website and intranet management
  • Continuous training
  • Rental Management System and IT support
  • Supply of Workdek components
  • Product development
  • Quality Control

Ideal Candidates

You don’t have to be a builder to own a Workdek Franchise. Anyone with commercial or project management skills and an understanding of the building and construction industry can be trained as a Workdek Franchisee in a matter of weeks.

You do need, however:
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Energy and enthusiasm
  • Initiative
  • Problem solving ability
  • Meticulous organization
  • Attention to detail

Next Steps

With its benefits and reputation already well-established in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington, Workdek is now experiencing enquiries from other regions and Franchisees are sought to meet the burgeoning demand.

If you are interested in becoming a Workdek Franchisee then contact us now for further information. Buying a Franchise is a big decision and the prospect of investing in a new venture can be daunting therefore we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Don’t wait to join the building revolution.

Talk to us now about partnering with Workdek to build an exciting new business.

Available Locations:
Opportunities available throughout New Zealand.
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