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My first contact with Plus Fitness 24/7 was as a long time member of their health clubs, which have been around for many years and were well known in the Macarthur region. I have spent my career in business banking and was fortunate enough to have Plus Fitness 24/7 as a client when they made the decision to develop the brand as a franchise. It was very exciting seeing the process and watch the company sell it's first franchise, and before I knew it they had sold their 50th and so on. I had a relationship with some of the early franchisees and they had such great things to say about their experiences, I developed a keen interest in the model and contemplated jumping ship many times from business banker to business owner.
Jamie Glover & Andrew Menzies
We are both builders, and knew for some time that we wanted to get involved with the construction industry at a different level. We came across the Green Homes franchise opportunity and thought it looked like a great fit. The company message fits right in with how we both feel about better quality building practices becoming the norm going into the future. The support we’ve had has been awesome, the head office has helped the setup immensely along with social media and marketing expertise which is critical in establishing a presence in a competitive market. The reaction to Green Homes in our area has been amazing, and we have had lots of enquiries simply because of the quality of our branding, it just really stands out. Match this along with the way we build houses and it really is a great formula. Speaking recently about their latest display home, they said that within a week or two of opening it, they had 6 contracts signed stating, "the home buyers had been to all the other showhomes, however the moment they stepped into ours, they knew they couldn't go backwards. Moving halfway across the world to undertake a new business opportunity would be daunting for any well-seasoned business-person. But these two Scottsman saw the future of construction being a sustainable, greener solution, and there was nothing being offered that quite hit the mark. Joining Green Homes Builders and becoming experts in the field allowed Jamie & Andrew to grow their business beyond their wildest dreams.
Billy Van der Kool
We were very impressed with Snap’s premium fit out and State of the Art Equipment options. With Proven systems and the continuous support, we receive from head office, we feel confident with our investment and decision to join the Team at Snap Fitness. Since joining the team, we have made lifelong friendships and new business relationships, owning a Snap Fitness has also provided the flexibility to focus you our young family and also the freedom to travel and do the things we love. We are very grateful for our lifestyle and the support we offer to our community with their health and fitness needs.
Hayley and Simon Nolan
They project manage the renovation from start to finish! This took the stress out of having to organise different contractors for each component of the renovation and meant there would be just one point of call for any issues that might arise
I’ve replaced my salary now. I’ve got a lifestyle now. I’m building an asset—which you can’t do when you’re on a salary.
Graham Howard, Agency Owner
I love growing a team and developing young people into leaders in recruitment. I’m all about relationships which is why I fit so well with Frontline’s philosophy of building long term relationships. I’m not just placing people, but building relationships with the clients and the candidates for the long term which gives me a sense of satisfaction. I own a small business but I’m part of a bigger network across several industries and across Australia and New Zealand. It’s an absolute pleasure to get up and go to work. Frontline supplies all the benefits that makes my job easier and my consultants as well. I can tap into tried and trusted formulas. I can also feedback suggestions on how to improve our systems. I’m never confused by what’s required or how to do things. I find the Frontline system very user-friendly for myself and my team making our jobs day to day much easier.
Jo & Bill Lawrence
We hear a lot of stories from other franchise businesses that aren’t at all complimentary of their master franchisor or their particular franchise system. We count ourselves fortunate that PACK & SEND New Zealand provides fantastic support and leadership as the master franchisor, with great systems and expertise readily available.

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