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Maggie Moo Music

Maggie Moo Music offers music, movement and sensory sessions for babies toddlers and preschoolers. We are a well-established childrens music franchise with over 20 farmers around Australia. Our business is centred around our Farmyard theme and our franchisees are referred to as our farmers.

We are currently looking for a Maggie Moo Music Head Farmer (master franchisee) in New Zealand?

What is the role of The NZ Head farmer?

The Head farmer will sow and grow new farmers (we don’t use the word franchisee) in New Zealand.

They will reap the benefits of retaining 90% of the initial farmers’ fees they earn and 100% of all ongoing monthly fees paid by the farmers.

The Maggie Moo Music model which has thrived in Australia is based on a collective and co-operative farming model. Farmers are encouraged to be independent whilst being supported through our FB group and email.

The head farmer can choose how much support they give to their Farmers. We supply a comprehensive ‘How to Doo Moo’ operations manual which provides all the information needed to help a farmer get started.

The Head farmer can start their own local FB group once numbers grow.

Head farmers are encouraged to start their own farming operation holding moosical sessions so that they can experience the reality of being an every day farmer, but this is not essential.

Farming labour (uni students, friends, Mums, Dads) can be used to run the Moosical sessions so the Head Farmer can concentrate on sowing the seeds for expanding the farmers network if they prefer.

When sessions are running this promotes the Maggie Moo Music model and word of mouth kicks in.

This results in more session clients but also more potential farmers.

How does the NZ Head farmer derive income?

  • Your large farming territory (the whole of NZ) ensures that there are massive opportunities to grow your farming community.
  • Each farmer will pay you between $6,250 (for small regional areas only) to $7,500 and $8,750 plus taxes when they sign up, of which you retain 90%. (these fees can be changed if The NZ farmer wishes, but in consultation with the Australian Head farmer)
  • Results will depend on your effort and advertising of course but the opportunity is there if you choose to work smart to achieve sales.
  • Our research shows that no other N.Z. children’s activity franchise comes close to our low entry fee. The set up fee for a farmer is minimal making the Maggie Moo Music farmer opportunity an affordable option for any aspiring business owner.
  • The Head farmer support obligations are designed to be low level due to the support available through The Facebook forum. This allows The State farmer the time to focus on growing the network and having a lifestyle balance.

Who is The NZ Head Farmer?

  • You may be a business person looking to add another complementary business to your portfolio.
  • You may be a parent or grandparent with an interest in children’s educational musical activities. You may be a couple looking to share the role of sowing seeds and also the option of running your own franchise.
  • Most importantly you know how to lead and inspire.
  • You will have excellent commoonication skills and a genuine like of people.
  • Our Head farmer must be a very special person who will reflect and continue the highly ethical culture of Maggie Moo Music.

Do I get training?

Most of our farmers have young children and face to face training may not be practical so our online training material includes videos that have been designed to be comprehensive and easy to work through.

For our NZ Head Farmer, face to face training is preferable but not mandatory.

Training is held at Moo HQ in NSW an hour north of Sydney.

What if there is competition in my area?

Every business has competition no matter what type of business it is. The secret lies in how the business owner handles the situation. 100% focus on one’s own business is the key.

There is ‘competition’ in all kinds of businesses and in all areas. It’s unrealistic to imagine that there will never be competition in your territory.

We believe that if children love music (and most do) that parents will be seeking a variety of sessions for their children.

Maggie Moo music offers low cost franchises with a strong brand and reputation that really appeal.

How much is The NZ licence?

The NZ fee is based upon the number of potential territories to be sold.

There are approximately 292,041 x 0 to 4 year olds in New Zealand. (census data).

In metropolitan areas we like to offer territories of approximately 5000 x 0 to 4’s. In regional areas this figure is lower, which is reflected by the sliding scale of franchise fees.

Using these figures, there are 58 possible franchise operations (subject to specific territory research).

The affordable NZ licence fee is only $37,500 AUD plus GST and an optional weeks training costs in Australia of $5,000 AUD plus GST.

Who is Maggie Moo Music?

In Australia, Carolyn Dufton heads up The Moo Croo as Head Farmer.

Carolyn has decades of experience in helping others in franchises and was the Founder of Hire for Baby a franchise started in 1990 with now around 80 franchises.

Ant Parker heads up The UK Moo Music Farmyard. He has built a successful gaggle of farmers in The UK with around 160 at present (The UK has approximately 66 million people).

Originally, Carolyn started working with Moo Music in The UK as a franchising consultant, but after falling in love with the brand, culture and business potential she felt the need to become more involved as The Australian Franchisor.

The brand is known as Maggie Moo Music in Australia and NZ.

Carolyn is ably assisted by Belinda Jackson the State Farmer for NSW and WA and who is the direct contact for farmers in those regions.

Moo Music has created an amazing brand and educational collection of 128 songs and creative ideas for sessions for the 0 to 5’s and is a walk in business for the right person.

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