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At Money Metrics, our team of financial explorers and expert navigators know how you measure is as important as what you measure.

On a mission to bring balance beyond the books for Kiwi business, our enthusiastic, analytical and perceptive quick thinkers traverse between detail and big picture with ease. Numerical passion combined with smart software allows us to venture into and discover the unknown.

Uncovering valuable qualitative, quantitative and meaningful insights, we enable clients to understand and share the right information with the right people to meet compliance, grow business and achieve goals.

When it comes to navigating the hard calls, an open and honest approach builds a reliable and trustworthy rapport with clients.

Our modus operandi is the Money Metrics in Motion (MMIM) compass – a proven self-imposed time in motion blueprint that keeps us on track and helps create space for our clients to focus on what is important to them.

Proud to call communities around New Zealand home, the Money Metrics envoy are mobile, accessible and long to roam supporting clients wherever they may be.

Money Metrics Represents A Collaborative And Vibrant Community Of Chartered Accountants Providing Small Business With The Experience, Insights And Practical Advice To Balance Their Financial Health And Wellbeing.

Our transformational services for small to medium enterprise include accounting, taxation, financial analysis and providing valuable advice, insights and intelligence on financial structures, start-ups, risk management, growth and exit strategies.

As financial guides we pursue our passion for numbers to produce quality information and free up time for our clients so they can focus on their purpose, grow their business and achieve their goals.

Fluent in accounting software and technology, our people use their expertise and knowledge to continually support, customise and optimise time, money and results.

As franchise owners, our clients benefit from a personal commitment, long-term relationships, better quality management and collaboration.

Our chartered accountants long to roam and are proud to call communities around New Zealand home. Mobile and accessible we ensure our clients can tap into the best expertise no matter where they are.

Money Metrics Is A Proven And Trusted Accounting Franchise System Designed To Provide An Excellent Income And A Great Lifestyle.

Owning a business brings challenges but the great thing about entering a franchise is that most of the challenges you’ll face, will have been faced before.

When you join Money Metrics you’ll join a team, surrounded by known and trusted colleagues and experts, reducing the risk to your livelihood that would normally happen with a start-up investment. With someone there to guide you through all facets of your business, you won’t need to face the journey alone. This includes assistance with building a stable network of clients, hiring additional support staff when needed, networking and business development, marketing and overall business management.

You’ll also have the back up of your similarly qualified fellow franchisees - the ability to share resources mitigates expansion risk, you’ll have a pool of people who know the systems and can assist with the workload if necessary. By leveraging our resources you can achieve efficiency and increase the opportunity to grow profits.

Tools have been developed to enable accurate and timely processing of accounts, data collection and analysis while value-added client reporting facilitates great decision making and strategy. Pricing schedules have been established, along with professional marketing material and strategies.

Also, you’ll benefit from these great bonuses:

  • Group bulk buying discounts, eg motor vehicle fleet purchase discounts.
  • Due diligence which has been done to determine approved suppliers for the group
  • Reduced CAANZ practice review time & cost as the franchisor can liaise directly with CAANZ

The evidence is clear that this business works. We have a strong desire for everyone to achieve financial success, so processes and protocols have been built and tested supported by guidance from franchising experts to ensure this business is a win/win.

There is no lack of demand for our services and as the Money Metrics brand grows so does our band of loyal supporters and clients. Our clients really value what we bring to their business and you’ll love working with them.

Money Metrics
Money Metrics
Money Metrics
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