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UBX Training is perfectly placed within both the high-growth boutique fitness market and the worldwide movement towards boxing for fitness.

UBX Training is perfectly placed within both the high-growth boutique fitness market and the worldwide movement towards boxing for fitness.

Join the UBX Training team and fight alongside a network of franchisees dedicated to changing lives through fitness and building highly rewarding businesses.

UBX Training is perfectly placed within both the high-growth boutique fitness market and the worldwide movement towards boxing for fitness. These factors along with our small footprint and moderate capital requirements are a powerful combination, and place us in a strong position for growth both domestically and globally.

The benefits of becoming a UBX Training Fitness Franchisee:

  • Low Start Up Capital: $200,000 - $220,000 with pre-approved finance options available
  • Unique Proven Concept: No Fixed Class Times + Boxing + Strength Training
  • A Team of Experts: Complete strategic support including marketing and operations.
  • Highly Profitable: Small footprint + high member capacity = low breakeven + a high yielding opportunity
  • No Fitness Experience Required: We welcome entrepreneurs of all backgrounds
  • At UBX Training, we deliver a sense of community, camaraderie and belonging, the most attractive aspects of sports, and combine these elements with convenience, accessibility, expert support and intelligent programming. We have identified the reasons that motivate an individual to take control of their fitness and the barriers that may stop them, to create an environment where results are an additional benefit to the pure enjoyment of the workout.
  • Technologically Advanced: We pride ourselves on making our club owners lives easier and the time spent on the business more effective by ensuring our technology platform services both members and franchisees alike. We employ a full-time tech team to build in club and online platforms to enhance franchisee efficiency and the member experience.

A Highly Enjoyable and Rewarding Franchise

UBX Training allows you to become a leader in your community, where you are changing lives through fitness everyday, and delivering a workout experience that generates raving fans of your business.

The professional and motivational environment attracts high performing coaches who love what they do. And the unparalleled value of convenience, enjoyment and results, provides a formula geared for growth.

Our simplified operating systems allow you to spend less time behind a computer and more time delivering a great experience for your members. As there is minimal administration required with our business systems, you can swiftly upskill team members, creating more space for a highly rewarding, highly enjoyable lifestyle.


  • A training community that transforms lives
  • A workout experience that generates raving advocates of your business
  • A system that attracts and retains high performing coaches
  • A focus on two global trends; boxing and convenience
  • Rising popularity
  • Growing profitability
  • Strong ROI
  • Strong brand awareness


  • Simple operational systems
  • Customer focused
  • Admin light
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Supportive and collaborative network of Franchisees
  • Consistent growth


Our Franchise Network is comprised of passionate, driven and like-minded individuals that believe in the product and recognise their own personal impact on the success of the brand on a larger scale.

We are looking for future Franchisees that can offer the following:

  • Commitment to uphold our brand integrity
  • Proficiency to implement structure and procedures as designed
  • A focus on excellence across all aspects of the business
  • Ownership over your club’s performance and success
  • Ability to cultivate an engaged community of staff and members that champion your club
  • Financial capacity to invest upwards of $220,000
  • Given the opportunity to become a UBX Training Franchisee, our agreement provides the rights to operate at least one club for up to 5 years within an exclusive territory, with the opportunity to renew the agreement on 5 year terms

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  • UBX Training
  • UBX Training
  • UBX Training
  • UBX Training
  • UBX Training
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Opportunities available in NZ, South East Asia, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland
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