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Become a fit20 Franchisee and change lives, including yours. Fit20's unique and science backed Personal Training concept is changing the fitness industry and you can become part of our winning team!

This is an unparalleled opportunity to join an award winning, established, and rapidly growing international brand.With highly effective training, a minimal demand on time, and inviting studios providing one to one attention, fit20 is transforming the gym industry.

Fit20 studio's see their own unique clientele as the training and features appeals to the members of the public who do not want to attend a traditional gym multiple times a week, but still want to improve their health and fitness. Also for our aging population, the senior people, who like the privacy and the personal attention of our training. The training also draws people with injuries and aches and pains who need the guidance and safety training under professional attention. fit20 studios are seeing unprecedented growth in studio membership even through the last year's difficult economic situations.

What you get from fit20

Proven Franchise Formula

Launched in 2009, fit20 was voted the #1 Franchise Brand in the Netherlands in 2020 and received the Silver Award for International Brand by the European Franchise Federation in 2022.

Fit20 is growing; and is now located in 13 countries, with 160 studios, and more than 20,000 members worldwide.

Outstanding Economics

Great unit economics and return on investment (ROI), with $350,000K Average Revenues. Typically, break-even is achieved during months 6 to 7, at around 60 to 80 members. Return on investment usually within 2 years.

Comprehensive Training

You don’t need a background in health & fitness. We provide our Franchise Owners, and their Personal Trainers, with comprehensive training in our unique training method, through our fit20 Academy. You will also be provided with extensive training in all fit20 business systems enabling you to become a successful studio owner.

Excellent Business Support

You will receive excellent support setting up your studio, from finding the best location, studio design & fitting out, to marketing for launch. Ongoing business and marketing support is provided along with enjoyable weekly meetings with the fit20 Head Office team.

fit20 training is unique and effective

Most people believe that fitness training takes at least a few hours every week with several sessions per week, but science is starting to tell a different story. The largest ever study in sports science suggests that fit20 training, once a week for 20 minutes with a personal trainer, is optimal.

Our training method is based on the latest scientific findings about effective and efficient training to improve fitness and health. You book your 20 minute weekly session ahead of time to stay on track. Because you have an appointment, you don’t have to wait. There is no need to change or shower because we train at a slow and precise pace in a custom cooled studio. Most members show measurable results within a few sessions, and more importantly, they feel stronger and fitter.

Our studio members love us

Our customers do love us, and this is reflected in our industry leading customer retention rates!

Why choose fit20?

Would you like to change people’s lives for the better by helping them get fitter and healthier? And all that in only 20 minutes per week? fit20 is a game changer that is looking for people who want to make an impact on the lives of clients, your staff and yourself

fit20 is innovative, different, and looking for people who dare to be unreasonable. Do you dream of your own business but then under the umbrella of an internationally active formula so you don’t have to go through all those novice mistakes yourself?

Award factor, communication, planning, structure and reliability; that’s what it’s all about at fit20. Curious? fit20 could well become your formula. Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

Next Steps

Please fill out your details below to request more information and we will send you a copy of our prospectus. You will then be able to arrange a call to discuss the fit20 franchise opportunity further and to ask any questions that you may have.

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Looking for a perfect recipe for franchise success?

If you are looking for that perfect recipe for franchise success, then fit20 believe they have 3 ingredients to create just that.


  • A rapidly growing ‘starving crowd’
  • A highly palatable and attractive proposition … that is backed by science
  • A proven formula for delivery

And you know what they say about a good recipe? The proof is in the pudding! fit20 is expanding rapidly across the globe, now in 13 countries, and with desirable territories being signed up across the UK every month.

Let’s delve in deeper to find out more.

A rapidly growing ‘starving crowd’

As we come out of the pandemic the importance of preventative health is now, more than ever, at the forefront of all of our minds. In providing a service that improves people's health and fitness, and ultimately their quality of life, fit20 are perfectly positioned for growth. Indeed, their UK studio memberships are up over 50% on their pre-lockdown high.

So, what is behind this unprecedented growth, bucking the trend that the big box gyms are experiencing? There is a portion of the population who have not had their needs fed by existing fitness offerings … the over 40s.

Far more attractive to most over 40s than a traditional gym, fit20 are proving a hit with this underserved segment of the population. And the silver economy is huge. The UK population is forecast to continue to get older and meeting the needs of this burgeoning demographic provides incredible opportunities for business growth.

A highly palatable and attractive proposition … that is backed by science

From the age of 25 we start to lose 1 to 2 percent of muscle mass per year … and this decline (called sarcopenia), accelerates as we near our sixties.

Loss of muscle mass can lead to a lot of serious problems, not least of which is reduced mobility. The primary treatment for sarcopenia? Resistance training or strength training.

As well as reversing the effects of sarcopenia, strength training helps to increase bone density, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, improve flexibility and lower injury risk. A recent study has also found that strength training can reduce your risk of death from any cause by 5 percent.

So, with benefits like this, why aren’t we all lifting weights at the gym? Quite simply many of us don’t have the time or just don’t like going to the gym. In fact, only about 15% of us have a gym membership and of those only about 18% actually use it consistently!

This is why Walter Vendel, founder of fit20, went to work to design something more palatable. He worked to create a boutique studio that could deliver effective strength training in the shortest amount of time, he eliminated the need to shower or change, and ensured that fit20 studios were designed to be welcoming and unintimidating.

fit20 studios are now transforming the health and fitness of people across the globe by providing them with a highly effective 20-minute strength training session, at the same time each week, with a fit20 Certified Trainer. A customer can choose to be trained alone or with a maximum of one other person, so the fit20 boutique studios are never intimidating. Customers see and feel the benefits and they keep coming back as a result.

It is not just individuals that see the attractiveness of the fit20 proposition. Several large companies, including Siemens, have in-house fit20 studios to help keep their employees strong and healthy.

It is a smart move because fit20 results are backed by science! Dr. James Steele conducted the largest research study ever published in sports and exercise science, using fit20 data. His study proved that fit20 training once a week led to a 30% to 50% gain in strength for fit20 customers in the first year. This shows without a doubt that fit20 training works, and dispels the myth that we need to train multiple times a week to obtain the health benefits that we seek. fit20 is certainly an attractive proposition in more ways than one.

A proven formula for delivery

The first fit20 studio opened in Zwolle, the Netherlands in 2009. Today there are fit20 studios across the globe. It is no surprise that fit20 have received several industry awards for innovation and entrepreneurship, including the prestigious Gazelle award (an award given to the fastest-growing profitable companies in the Netherlands).

fit20 has developed a very precise and rigorous educational system for franchise owners and trainers. All the fit20 business systems are fully documented, delivered via bespoke software, and a dedicated support team. Franchise owners have dedicated marketing support through their studio launches and ongoing in the form of quarterly campaigns and social media corporate branded materials.

It’s all part of the fit20 proven formula.

"Slow motion high intensity training will explode in the near future, science indicates that. fit20 is so far ahead of the game and is well positioned to be world market leaders and I am super proud to be part of that." - Dan Kelly, Franchise Owner, fit20 Hellesdon, Norwich.

If you like the sound of the fit20 recipe for franchise success and would like to find out more, simply complete your contact details to receive a brochure and the fit20 white paper before arranging a call to discuss the fit20 franchise opportunity further.

Fit20 Testimonials
After reading the E-myth in 2006 I’d been working on building a business rather than just having a job. A business that didn’t rely heavily on me as an expert for it to work. As soon as I saw fit20 I realised they’d already done much of the legwork (and to a higher standard than I could), so investing in it would fast track my knowledge about what a systemised, scalable business looks like. I could see the simplicity of the model would make it easy for others (PTs) to put the formula to work and get similar (or better results) for members - freeing me up to do whatever... and still have income. I am already looking at opening my third fit20 studio.
Kieran Igwe,
I have a calm and respectful approach and I'm interested in my clients. I explain a bit about the background and scientific evidence behind the fit20 training method because it is important that the client understands what the method does for their body. The fit20 training method is really hard work so I try to bring a bit of humour to lighten the mood when the going gets tough for the client. I enjoy the fact my clients have such good results.
Ron Jobing,
fit20 has offered me the step up to genuine entrepreneurism, which brings the best out of me. I enjoy the successes of business and am full of the fighting spirit when challenges appear. Now the studio is gaining structure and stability, I see new opportunities arising on the business horizon. It regularly reminds me that this was the right choice for me
Bas Pronk,
fit20 is a unique, highly-effective training method that is perfectly suited to the modern way of life. Because of the short time investment, everyone can manage to free up 20 minutes a week to train effectively. The training makes you mentally and physically stronger, everyone benefits from it. Having a fit20 studio has changed my life for the best!
Sabine Lammers,
The fact that my clients come back week after week is the biggest compliment for me. It means that my clients value the service that we provide. I love fit20! Personally, I have always been active in sports, but I have never felt as strong as I do now because of my fit20 training. There is a tremendous body of knowledge at fit20 and I really enjoy all the learning as I grow as a Franchise owner and trainer.
Hilde Scherrewitz,
Fit20 Videos
fit20 Franchise Opportunities Explained | Kieran Igwe Studio Owner

fit20 Franchise Opportunities Explained | Kieran Igwe Studio Owner

fit20 Franchise Opportunities Explained | Kieran Igwe Studio Owner
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Single-unit, Multi-unit opportunities available across New Zealand
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