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Developed on the Gold Coast, Australia in 2018, MBW saw the need to service routine wash downs for boat owners without the hassle of taking their boats to another facility of berth, or allowing access to properties. Gold Coast and Brisbane boats are now completely booked out with regular clients, weekly, fortnightly and monthly washdowns.

We are now looking for motivated franchisees across New Zealand to join the successful model.

How the Mobile Boat Washing franchise works

Our franchise model is simple to operate. Each Mobile Boat Washing franchise partner has an exclusive working territory and an exclusive marketing territory.

With approximately 80 boat owners as regular customers the franchise partner uses an entirely custom-built mobile catamaran to moor parallel to their vessel, even in marinas. Our vessels are fully insured and are thoroughly equipped with padding, rollers, and fender protection to ensure a safe working environment.

We carry onboard a 4-stage filtration system including reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, sediment filtration and de-ionising resin to produce pure de-mineralised water. The boats are fitted with a holding tank containing pre-filtered pure water ready to use. Our hoses, brushes, pumps, and equipment are of the highest quality to ensure a quality and safe wash.

Apart from our routine cleans Mobile Boat Washing also provides a range of ancillary services including - heavy duty clean up and wash downs, interior detailing, teak cleaning and hull waxing.

Five great reasons to join Mobile Boat Washing

Mobile Boat Washings offers franchise partners the following benefits:

  • An established proven business with a strong trading track record to fast track your success
  • A niche offering in a growth industry, so there’s plenty of work
  • Comprehensive training so you are ready to hit the ground running
  • Experts at head office to train, assist and support franchise partners.
  • The lifestyle change you have been looking for giving you freedom and flexibility
  • Other key benefits of a Mobile Boat Washing Franchise

  • High ROI
  • Great lifestyle
  • Independent working
  • Training provided
  • Equipment procurement assistance
  • Holding company professional marine firm
  • Concept proven

What we are looking for in a franchise partner

Mobile Boat Washing are looking for franchise partners to join our team who:

  • Likes working with their hands
  • Likes working outdoors
  • Likes boats
  • Has good customer service

If you would like to realise your dreams of being your own boss, combined with your passion for working on the water with boats then please get in touch today!

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Mobile Boat Washing Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Mobile Boat Washing to give you more information about the costs associated with a Mobile Boat Washing opportunity
Franchise Fee
$34,500 + equipment
Custom built vessel
Approx. $5,750*
Washing Unit Tank
Mobile Boat Washing Franchise Image
Mobile Boat Washing Franchise Image
Mobile Boat Washing Franchise Image
Available Locations:
Opportunities available across NZ
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
$34,500 + equipment
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