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Introduction to Franchising

The Importance Building A Local Marketing Strategy

We examine the value of a local marketing strategy in franchising

What are the Benefits & Demands of a Master Franchise?

Master franchises offer entrepreneurs with substantial capital a chance to run a high-earning business covering a large region or even a country.

3 steps to make sure you get a bank loan

Whatever your business goals are it is likely that you will require financial assistance to achieve this – most commonly this will take the shape of a bank loan.

INFOGRAPHIC: 11 Key Steps To Opening A Franchise

Knowing how to take the first step in the world of franchising can sometimes be an issue, particularly in the world of business.

Franchise Dictionary: A to Z of terms

A glossary of terms used within the franchise industry.

Franchising in New Zealand: An Overview

With more franchisors per capita than any other country in the world, New Zealand is clearly a country of people who know the benefits of doing business in this kind of way.

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